CEOwner Group Chat - - Private Session for CEOwners- FREE To Join - Next Session: October 1st, 2023


Hi CEO, 

Are you good? 

Well, the goal of our private session is simple... Kick back & grab a glass of your favorite wine and LET's CHAT!! This is a mental health check-in. 

Personally, I believe that I have shown you all on social media the successes I have had over the years but I have not done a good job of taking you along the journey with me. Well, that is about to change! 

This is NOT a traditional training class with PowerPoints and homework assignments. This is a private session where we will chat about LIFE and the ups and downs that come along with it. As busy entrepreneurs, parents, spouses, etc. it's easy to forget to prioritize our self-care and mental health. I just want to share more of my story with you all in a vulnerable, honest, and open conversational format.

This is nothing like you have ever experienced with me! I am excited to invite you to my personal GROUP CHAT! This is open to MEN & WOMEN!


1. I will have a list of random topics that I will randomly pull from.

              Ex. Divorce - Who would like to share their experience with Divorce and what                                        it's like to dating after divorce?

             Ex. Depression - Who would like to share their experience with depression and                      how that has impacted their lives?

2. Once I read the topic, I will open the floor to anyone on the call that would liek to have opportunity to share their story with the group!!



- Life successes & losses

- Relationships (marriage, divorce, single life, etc.)

- Childhood Trauma

- Homelessness

- Current Events 

- Food Recipies 

So Much More!!! We will discuss a variety of random topics and we will share our stories with each other. 



Be Vulnerable

Be Honest 

Be Respectful


Sunday Funday glass of wine & your Zoom camera on. This helps make for a more engaging session!



Attendance is FREE but you must REGISTER to receive the Zoom information to enter the GroupChat. Please share the flyer with your friends and communities. 

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