FREE LIVE TRAINING!! How To Become A 6-Figure Realtor (Part Two): Marketing & Branding Strategies To Attract More Clients


 HI CEO's, 

On Wed Nov 30th, at 12 pm EST & 9 pm Dubai Time I am hosting another FREE LIVE TRAINING FOR CURRENT & ASPIRING REALTORS!

Are you someone who struggles with marketing yourself and your business on a consistent basis? Do you want to build a brand that will allow you to sell more than just real estate or one specific product or service?

If so, then this training class is for you!

People ask me all the time questions like....

How were you able to meet and work with celebrities?

How have you been able to build your brand? 

How did you learn to stand out in the saturated real estate industry? 

Well, in this FREE LIVE Training, I will be peeling back the curtain on some of my top strategies on how I have built a 7-figure business by leveraging my personal brand. 

What You Will Learn: 

- How to Market and Brand Yourself on a Budget

- Collaboration over Competition Strategies

- Market Yourself to Get Noticed by Brands

- Most Effective Ways to Get the Best ROI from your Marketing Dollars

Join me on Wed Nov 30th, at 12 pm EST & 9 pm Dubai Time for this fun and interactive training! LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE

- There might even be a few giveaways at the end! You must be present to WIN!!!! :)

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